Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Organize a Perfect Honeymoon

By Hannah Henry 

After months of planning the wedding and finally that the special day is over, you and your partner are able to relax. But with all the energy and concentration spent on the wedding and the reception, you are all exhausted out and you might not have the time to plan for your honeymoon. Unless you plan to have your honeymoon a month or two after the wedding, here are steps you can do to organize that perfect honeymoon right after exchanging your vows.

1. You and your partner should decide what sort of honeymoon you would like to have. Is it going to a beach and get a sun kissed tan? Or is it cuddling up in a very romantic cottage up in the mountains while enjoying skiing? Whatever you plan to do, the two of you should agree on one thing to do. The key here is to relax with your loved one anyway.

2. Chose a place where the two of you have never gone before.

3. Make your plans a little easier by calling a travel agent for any honeymoon packages that are available.

4. Give allowance on the time between your booking and your travelling to make sure your accommodations are available.

5. When in your honeymoon, try to give a lot of time to relax. Don't overbook your day with a lot of activities (sightseeing or tours for example).

6. Make sure you give ample of time for your departing flight. If you can, schedule the time you fly 2 days after the wedding, but if you have to leave the day after your wedding, make sure your flights departs late morning or the afternoon instead of an early morning flight.

7. When shopping for the hotels, ask a lot of questions, make sure you have a room with a double bed, a big bathtub, and a romantic view as much as possible.

Hannah Hanry has been writing articles online for quite sometime. She specializes a wide variety of topics. On her extra time, she goes out fishing with her family using the Team Daiwa Advantage Spinning Reel among other Daiwa Spinning Reels.

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